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They'll Never Cheer Again

A brutal hazing incident leaves a freshman cheerleader hospitalized in a coma. In response, Casper Falls High School disbands both the football and cheerleading teams.

For a decade, the football field is quiet.

The school board has voted to bring back the football team and its cheerleaders.

Ann Howard's twin sister, Lauren, is one of those new cheerleaders. While Ann deals with the challenges of being an openly transgender teen in a closed-minded small town, her sister's place on the squad and some of Lauren's new friends threaten the previously rock-solid relationship between the siblings.

Meanwhile, a murderous force has awoken, intent on vengeance and driven by a single powerful mantra: They Will Never Cheer Again.



It's Always the Apocalypse Somewhere


This book contains Flesh-Eating Zombies, Invading Aliens, Nuclear Annihilation, Armageddon, The Rapture — and that's just one story!

Elsewhere, you'll find Carnivorous Plants, Organ-Harvesting Aliens, Cruel Scientists, Superstorms, Cursed Artifacts, and the Worst Comedy Club in Existence.

From stolen kidneys to cruel twists of fate; from dark secrets to a baseball that likes to nibble on fingers, these 22 tales of apocalypses small and large will leave you saying, "Pfft. Not likely."

Oh, and one of the stories has mermaids. Drug-running mermaids.


Starship Perilous

Individual Adventures

#1 A Precious Cargo
#2 Not Remotely Possible
#3 Planet of the Molers
#4 All Aboard
#5 Adrift
#6 The Truth of the Matter


Blake Starwater and the Adventures of the Starship Perilous: The First Five Adventures 

Blake Starwater is captain of the Starship Perilous. Traveling along with him are the frisky Felioness, Kitty, and the cynical robot, OMBot. Together they soar between the numerous Known Worlds, taking on the jobs that other space crews won't do. The risky jobs. The dangerous jobs. The sometimes less-than-legal jobs.

From exploring a derelict space orbital to corporate espionage to meeting a previously unknown alien species — during their travels they will have to deal with a cavalcade of outrageous characters from across the galaxy as they fight to stay alive and get the job done. They may even meet an ally or two who will join them aboard the . . . Starship Perilous!

Contains Adventure #1-5

Other Published Short Stories

Nothing Down There But Rocks
A Customer Review
The Short and Tragic Reign of the Spider King
Young Tristan's First Adventure
The Betty
Message From Another Star
The Live Ball Controversy
The Shaken World
A Little Lore Goes a Long Way
The Witch of Mbuji Mayi
The Heart of Twistown
The Guardian in the Shower

Many Worlds Saga Stories
Through a Blind Man's Eyes
Milli Lands Onward
Closer to the Edge
They Who Hold the Cards