Free Stories

Do Warehouse Agents Dream of Artifact Sheep? - A Warehouse 13 fanfic featuring a Philip K. Dick-themed artifact for reality bending fun. Agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering are on the trail of an artifact that seems to create effects straight out of certain science fiction works. Meanwhile, back at the Warehouse, teenage hacker, Claudia Donovan, has her own literary-inspired experience.

Absolutely the Worst Day to Have a Life-Changing Prophetic Dream of the Future That Also Happens to Be Time-Sensitive - A man wakes from a dream that promises to change his life forever. Only, forever is looking like it might not last that much longer. A variety of end-of-the-world scenarios seem to be playing out, all on the same day!

Open Mic Night in Hell - A comic performs his set for the first time in Hell. Predictably, it's excruciating.

Eighties Night; Or, the End of the World (With Plants!) - Giant, carnivorous plants are running rampant, bringing about the end of humanity. Is there anything we can do? How about Eighties Night at the local club.

This is Not a Test - An unheeded emergency broadcast leads to an unpleasant alien encounter.

El Rey Del Mar (The King of the Sea) - The story of drug lord Fernando Alberto Ruiz—famous for his association with the mermaids of the Pacific Ocean.

Tastes Like Victory - An apple pie, fresh from the oven, begins talking. And it's . . . kind of annoying.

Right on the Edge of Forever - The Immortality shot has arrived at last, promising instant everlasting life to all.

We Found Your Name on the Star Registry—Do You Have a Moment? - A man receives a strange visitor at his front door.

Call Center - A look at the daily routine of an afterlife spirit whose job it is to answer the call . . . of the Ouija board.

Another Day, Another Curse(d Item) - Warrior and mage meet in a tavern to discuss the warrior's problem—but does he have too many cursed items, or not enough?

The Final Run of Earl Gardner - Self-driving vehicles have taken his job. But Earl Gardner isn't one to go quietly into the night.