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Introducing Adventure Guild
A new heroic fantasy webserial with a touch of humor —
returning with new chapters in 2021!

The Companions of Highstar are would-be heroes on a quest to add their names to the mystical Book of Legends, the multi-volume guidebook for adventurers that contains information on countless wondrous artifacts and priceless treasures of bygone Ages now scattered across the world, just waiting to be recovered by those brave enough to meet the challenge. Maintained by a secretive collective, the Book of Legends is constantly updated with the names of heroes who manage to recover the artifacts detailed within.
Swordarm. Mage. Warrior. Badass. Now with the addition of a young cleric of the Allway, the five Companions are finally ready to attain true fame and fortune by adding their name to the Legends, but first they must deal with rival guilds, deadly foes, and powerful forces coming together behind the scenes that will soon threaten the entire world.